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  Summer is the perfect season for outdoor activities - including music festivals. Of all those held in and around the capital, the MTA music festival is particularly special, because it aims to be the cleanest music festival in China.


  3 o'clock in the afternoon, and the show was about to start at the MTA music festival. It was held in a desert in Huailai county in neighboring Hebei province. Whilst a band rehearsed on stage, volunteers working in the nearby recycling station were busy too.



  There are six recycling stations installed around the MTA music festival site, and they're the only option for audiences to dispose of their garbage- from paper cups to food waste. Novaloop is a brand established by Friends of Nature, one of China's earliest non-governmental organizations specializing in environmental protection. The zero-waste campaign was first introduced by iPledge and Novaloop at the MTA music festival in 2018. Wu Xiao is the head of Novaloop, a zero-waste solution provider for big events, including outdoor music festivals and sports events like marathons. "Three of the six recycling stations are located next to the three stages, and the others are near the catering areas. Each recycling station is equipped with five to six garbage bins labeled with glass, paper cup, plastic, food waste and other items. "



  This year's campaign also marks the second time Novaloop has collaborated with its partner iPledge, a Japanese non-governmental organization, with 26 years of experience in providing zero-waste solutions to big events, including the cleanest music festival in the world, Fuji Rock. Kenta Hani, the founder of iPledge says that the support of local government and festival organizers is key to the success of the zero-waste campaign.

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