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Do you know how long      English? A. has he begu

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  1.What do we know about the game?

  A.It has been over now.

  B.It has just begun.

  C.It has been put off.

  2.When did the dialogue take place?

  A.During the meal.

  B.Before the meal.

  C.After the meal.

  3.What's the man's room number in the hotel?

  A.17th floor,178.

  B.7th floor,781.

  C.17th floor,112.

  4.What will the man do on Sunday?

  A.Help the woman to accommodate.

  B.Eat breakfast with the woman.

  C.Tell the woman about his daily life.

  5.Why did the man drink with his friends last night?

  A.His roommate Brian is going back to the US.

  B.He was feeling sad at the bad news.

  C.They had a birthday party for Brian.




  6.When will the movie begin?

  A.At 2∶45.

  B.At 3∶35.

  C.At 3∶45.

  7.Why did the man eat a little for lunch?

  A.He was sick.

  B.He was too tired to eat more.

  C.He wanted to have more popcorn.

  8.What can we learn from the conversation?

  A.It was very hot outside.

  B.The man often goes to the gym.

  C.The speakers will take the subway.


  9.Why doesn't Tom go out?

  A.Because he is very tired.

  B.Because he doesn't like the hot weather.

  C.Because he has a lot of homework to do.

  10.What is Tom's favorite activity?

  A.Playing computer games.

  B.Reading books.

  C.Going shopping.

  11.When is the woman's party?

  A.On Sunday night.

  B.On Saturday night

  C.On Wednesday night.

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